Mizzla Rewards

If you suffer from incurable shopping spree, we really feel for you, seriously !

In order to make your shopping bag even heavier and for you to feel less guilty, we would like to offer you this generous reward program to compensate for what we have got you into. 

Become a Mizzla Loyalty member today, and earn Miz to redeemed against the total order amount or other valuable special offers. 


Please kindly log in to your account and access these rewards or check your current Miz via the Mizzla Rewards launcher.

You will receive :

  • 3 Miz for every $1 Australian dollar spent.
  • 30 Miz for Signing up as a Loyalty member
  • 100 Miz on Your Birthday (We definitely love celebration!)
  • 2 Miz to Review products
  • 2 Miz to Like us on Facebook
  • 2 Miz to Follow us on Instagram or Twitter
  • 2 Miz to share Mizzla on Facebook or Twitter


Once you have earned enough points you can redeem them on all orders $50 and above. 

You will have 2 options in regards to redeeming Miz:

  • Redeeming against total order amount: For every 100 Miz, you will get $1 discount. You can redeem up to 1500 Miz on each order.
  • Redeeming for free products: We constantly add exciting offers that you could use your Miz to redeem against. There will be no limit on the amount of Miz you can use to redeem for this option.


Simply log in to your account using the Mizzla Rewards launcher at the bottom right corner of your screen to check how many points you have accumulated and choose when to redeem them.


We feel very blessed to have you trust and refer us to your friends and family. 

In order to return your favour, we would like to offer you:

  • Once-off $5 off discount on an order of $50 and above for each successful referral.
  • You will be automatically signed up for our affiliate program, which will reward you Miz for every $2 spent by your referrals.
  • Your receiver will receive 15% off discount on their first order of $90 and above

If you have any questions or concern in regards to your loyalty account, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@mizzla.com.au.